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How many students attend SJS? What are your class sizes?

In the current 2021-2022 school year, there are 285 children enrolled in our school. The current class sizes range between 23 and 34. The average class size is 26 students. In all grades, there is a teaching aide who works with the primary teacher during core curriculum hours ) mornings).

Is there a Before & After School Program?

SJS has an Extended Care (after-school enrichment) program after normal school hours. Prior to the school day, all children are welcome on campus and supervised when the gates open at 7:30am. Extended Care is available from dismissal time until 5:30 pm.

Do you have an athletic program?

Yes, SJS participates in the North Bay Catholic Schools League (CSL) for boys and girls. Athletics begin in 5th grade, and continue through 8th grade. The CSL consists of 10 Diocesan or private schools. We are fortunate to have a well-equipped and large gym on-campus. Athletics include volleyball, basketball and track (for both boys and girls).

What kind of learning experiences do you provide outside of the classroom?

Some of our recent adventure in learning have included but are not limited to: Safari West, Preston Farms, The Petaluma Bird Rescue Center, Westminster Woods Outdoor Education Camp/Environmental Science Education (Occidental), Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, The Petaluma Adobe (overnight), Armstrong Grove, Petaluma Wildlife Museum, Tzomia Tea, the Grist Mill in Napa, the Multicultural Museum in Santa Rosa, the Healdsburg Science Fair, area theater productions, the Buddhist Temple in Ukiah, Spring Lake, San Francisco Exploratorium, Alcatraz, The Aviation Museum, and Washington D.C. These experiences offer students real world examples of concepts they learn in class.

What is the read to a dog program?

The SJS Library has partnered with the 4Paws Learning and Wellness Center, to offer students the opportunity to read to a certified therapy dog. Academic studies have shown that reading to a dog creates a relaxed, non judgemental atmosphere which, especially for early readers enhances the students reading confidence. This in turn has a positive effect on their reading ability and literacy.

Do I have to be Catholic to attend SJS?

SJS accepts students from all faith backgrounds. All faith backgrounds are welcome. Exposure to other faiths is taught throughout the grade levels.

What time does school begin and end?

The first bell rings at 8:00am: the second (tardy) bell rings at 8:05 am.The school days end at 2:30pm for regular days. the school day ends at 12 pm on half days, the school days ends at 1215 pm on Friday's early dismal for TK/K.

What is your policy for conflict-resolution or discipline?

We provide a solid foundation for creating a safe and respectful learning environment. Teachers incorporate in-class lessons to build children’s social skills and self-esteem while giving them the tools to solve everyday problems. There is a focus on empathy and communication, bullying prevention and emotion management. Faculty and staff are keen on preventing problem behaviors and promoting academic achievement.

What do you do when a child needs medical assistance?

Our faculty is trained in basic first aid and CPR. A head injury or other serious injury warrants a call to the parent. Local EMS are in close proximity to the school for emergency response. We ensure all faculty and staff are aware of specific allergies, and we operate as a “nut-free” school.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, there is tuition assistance on a need-determined basis. The application is submitted and processed through FACTS, the school’s tuition management system. Please consult the principal for further details.

What is the purpose of the SJS Foundation?

The St. John Catholic School’s Foundation supports the sustainability of school and facility improvement and development, expansion of curriculum and program offerings, enrollment, and specific interest opportunities by donors.

The future of St.John’s School requires that we identify, implement, measure, and market models that demonstrate effective governance, financial sustainability, and academic quality. It is recognized that St. John’s School is a vital and authentic expression of the church’s overall mission. Funded through the Parish this Foundation supports the new school Resource Center.