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The 2021-2022 school year has begun with many upgrades to our physical campus as well as to our curriculum. Based on the interruptions to onsite learning and the growing use of technology in our classrooms, we identified our technology systems as a priority moving forward. With the help of one of our foundation advisory members and the hiring of our 7th grade teacher/I.T. manager, we have developed a seven-phase plan to create a state of the art school/church wide platform. A few highlights include the scheduled connection to our own wired system through Comcast, our movement to Google Classroom and G-Suite for consistent education use, the purchase of chrome books for the entire student body, Consolidating all our systems to run from one modem, and a future upgrade to our phone system as well as installation of a state of the art video security system. This is an ambitious project but a necessary one for the future of the school.