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A Message From the Principal

St. John the Baptist Catholic School has a long and storied history of serving the Healdsburg community. Even though the world has changed drastically since we opened our doors in 1950, one thing has remained constant. We remain "dedicated to the work of Christ".

Our school offers an ever evolving, well-rounded and challenging curriculum. I know firsthand how prepared our students are for high school as all six of our children are St. John's graduates. However, it is the community that sets us even further apart from other schools. With over 1800 alumni, many of them second and even third generation students, we are deeply rooted in the business, leadership, recreational and faith life of the area.

I want to thank our faculty and staff for their tremendous commitment to the wellbeing and development of each child entrusted to us. I want to thank our pastor, Father Sean Rogers for his support and involvement, making us a true "parish school". Finally, I want to thank all our families and supporters, whether it be financially, through prayer or simple encouragement.