From experienced and caring teachers and enriching extras like music, art and Spanish…to the quality of the education encompassing new technology and the nurturing of thoughtful, conscientious children…St. John’s in Healdsburg really has it all. Our family and faculty community is close-knit, and has helped create a foundation for a love of learning for our two children these last few years.

- 1st & 2nd Grade Parent

Two years ago after we moved to Healdsburg, we considered what school to place our daughter in. We were greatly impressed by the wonderful teachers and staff that took the time to get involved with her and our family. Since that time it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for her and for us. We are so grateful to the St. John's staff for welcoming us with open arms and going the extra mile to make us feel comfortable.

- 3rd Grade Parent

St. John’s shaped my foundational years both in terms of education and spiritual beliefs. It gave me an incredible base that helped me to succeed in high school, which led to both undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering and a career in the Silicon Valley. Career success is one thing, but more important than that is the ethical strength one possesses in their life. I know it was St. John’s that instilled that spirit in me for which I am forever grateful.

- Alumni & Current 8th Grade Parent

Seven years ago we began our school search and in St. John's we struck GOLD! St John's is a highly supportive, service oriented, faith filled community and the students reflect this environment so beautifully. My children are gaining life long cheerleaders in their teachers and a genuine love of learning. They are honing their academic minds but also developing kind hearts. As a parent, witnessing all of this daily is the best!

- 1st & 6th Grade Parent