With a pre-existing network that provided internet access for the school, a technology program began in 1998. Custom built PCs were selected and installed into a room that served as the computer/media lab (until the fall of 2015), in addition to printers and a file server. (The computer/media lab now serves as a technology workroom.)

Over the years, our computers and server have been updated. Each one of our classrooms have SmartBoard interactive white boards, which our teachers use daily to provide interactivity in their lessons. The students in grades 4-8 use HP Stream compact laptops; students in grade 3 use iPads; students in grades 1-2 use Kindles (Kid versions).   

Regarding computer instruction, students in grades 1-2 receive Kindle lessons once a week. Grade 3 have iPad lessons in their classroom once a week, and grades 4-8 have a computer class in their classrooms on their HP Stream compact laptops twice per week. Each computer class period is about 45 minutes.

In grades 1-2, students will have instructions on various aspects of the Kindle. In grade 3, the students will have lessons on the iPad, including Pages, Numbers, and Notes. Students are introduced to Microsoft Office beginning in grade 4 by using Microsoft Word to create a variety of documents while learning about the keyboard. They will also to do simple research on the Internet, with websites selected by the teacher. The students will begin learning Microsoft Excel by inserting data and creating simple graphs. The use of these two applications expands into grades 5 and 6 and they begin learning about PowerPoint and presents slide shows to their class. They also continue to use Word and Excel and use the Internet for research.

With technology and the Internet always changing, the technology curriculum is updated and changed yearly as new content becomes available.