Every year in October, St. John Catholic School administers the Iowa Test of Basic Skills to measure the skills and achievement of our students. Developed at The University of Iowa and backed by a tradition of more than 75 years of educational research and test development experience, the ITBS provides an in-depth assessment of students’ achievement of important educational objectives. Tests cover material in reading, vocabulary, math, and science, among other subjects.  The tests are administered early in the school year to serve as a diagnostic tool for teachers and parents.


2016 Naitonal ITBS Grade Equivalent Results
St. John Catholic School

  • 4th grade GE result was 5.9
  • 5th grade GE result was 5.8
  • 6th grade GE result was 7.4
  • 7th grade GE result was 9.5
  • 8th grade GE result was 10.2

This means that a St. John 8th grade student scored as well as a sophomore in high school on the same test, confirming that our students are mastering the material and will be very well prepared for their secondary education.